Blue Energy

Evolving the Mexican energy sector

We are a company focused on offering the best energy solutions to our customers. We offer supply of all energy products at the lowest possible cost.

  • We offer certainty, visibility, and reliability
  • In electricity consumption, we offer rates that reduce costs to industrial companies
  • For generators our value offer includes billing, programming, and trading desk services; in addition to the ability to manage long-term risk with ad hoc power purchase and sale agreements


What we do

We prioritize the interests of our clients to offer the solution that generates the greatest long-term value. We operate agile processes with a focus on competitive prices, certainty, and transparency.

We understand the importance of energy, so we maintain high ethical and responsibility standards, delivering our products and services in the most efficient way. We deliver throughout the Mexican Republic.

Power supply

B2E currently operates in the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM) as a Qualified Service Provider. Under this modality we represent Qualified Users in the MEM, solving all the requirements to our clients without any inconvenience and in a transparent way.

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B2E has the permits and capacity to transport and commercialize natural gas and liquid fuels.

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Electricity and Power

With generators and other market participants, we are committed to short-term, medium-term and long-term purchase and sale contracts. In addition to having the ability to articulate structures that minimize the risk of transactions for all involved.

Why work with Blue Energy

We have the highest commitment to professional ethics and we are always looking for the best solution for our clients. We have extensive experience and execution capacity in the markets in which we participate, providing certainty to the operations and offers that we consolidate in an agile and flexible way.

  • Natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Liquid fuels

Natural gas

Its applications in the industrial sector include steam generation, electricity generation, drying, food industry, metal smelting, furnaces, heat treatments, tempering and annealing of metals and petrochemical production among many others.

In Blue Energy, we sell natural gas through pipelines in both the United States and Mexico. Our contact with players throughout the supply chain allows us to offer the best tariff and molecule price options. We are pleased to commit to long-term supply and sale contracts.



In Blue Energy, we sell electricity through the new Wholesale Electricity Market. We operate with the Supplier permit provided by the CRE, which allows us to attend and represent Qualified Users.

We also form alliances with Generators to acquire energy coverage at different stages of project development. In Mexico, we are present in most of the Republic, and we are pleased to engage with Qualified Generators and Users with medium and long term contracts.

Liquid fuels

They are refined products that are located in light fractions such as gasoline and diesel. These distillates are mainly used for transportation, so their availability and price directly impact the logistics of products and services.

In B2E we have been involved in the diesel and jet fuel market. Our analysis platform generates information that we use to optimize the supply chain. Our experts' ability allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to the inherent changes in the balance between supply and demand, whether they are due to market dynamics or regulatory changes.

We ensure that our products are delivered efficiently in the quantity, quality and time required.


Blue Energy is a company committed to offering the best options in the energy market.
We work in the electricity, natural gas and liquid fuels’ market.

Form of operation

RATES (Short, medium and long term)

We carry out analysis of our client’s information, therefore offering rates that are aligned with their objectives. Long-term commitments allow us to offer more competitive prices, associated with power generation projects and dedicated hedges.

Trading Desk

For Power Generators and Qualified Users in the Market, we offer asset management at the operator platform CENACE, we cover the front office needs in a simple and effective way.


We work with our partners to craft adaptable and flexible schemes that suit our client preferences, including on-site projects and mediation with power generation for physical and financial power hedging.

We are committed to establishing long-term relationships and trust.


  • 128 MW asignados a clientes en cierre y negociación
  • 40 MW de generación disponible
  • Certificados de Energías Limpias (CEL)
  • 200 MW de generación adicional disponibles en 2018
  • 15 MW de potencia base en clientes a cierre en
    modalidad de Autoabasto

“Blue Energy optimiza y personaliza cada oferta
con herramientas analíticas y tecnológicas propias”
  • Monitoreamos los consumos energéticos de nuestros clientes

  • Analizamos e identificamos las mejores opciones de eficiencia y precio

  • Reportamos mensualmente las mejoras

  • Trasladamos los beneficios a nuestros usuarios

Our humanity as a company

As a company, one of our most important commitments is our staff

Our culture is focused on transparency, excellence, effort, and customer service; values which we find to be great differentiators of our company.

With this vision, we work every day to solve complex problems and generate value for our clients, investors and collaborators.

Our people

We understand that much of our success is based on our people, and we are therefore interested in a vibrant and diverse team. We are profoundly committed to our staff and employees.


We navigate in a challenging and uncertain environment. That’s why we are always looking for resilient individuals for our team: independent and problem-solving thinkers. We are always looking for talented people that share our values.

To let us know about your interest in a career with Blue Energy, fill out the form with contact information and interests. You will be contacted if there is a relevant opportunity.

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